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Does Test Prep Work? The other day I became interviewed by Chapel Hill senior high school guidance counselor, Kristen Hiemstra.

You can listen to the complete meeting by pressing here.

We covered lot of subjects anything from why I think they ought to leave the vocabulary regarding the SAT as is, to whether I genuinely believe that test prep works. Among the topics that are many discussed were:

  • Various kinds of test prep, which work and exactly why
  • Commercial test prep
  • Signs of good vs test prep that is bad
  • Just how to encourage a teenager
  • Just What the faculty Board is testing
  • The most readily useful time to tour colleges
  • Lessons I discovered the SAT
  • Lessons I learned as a mother

We also talked about my book that is upcoming Ideal Score Project: Uncovering the Secrets of the SAT and what it’s all about.

How Much Does the SAT Count in the Admissions Decision?

So how much does the SAT Count in the Admissions choice?

SAT counts for more than colleges will admit to much less than students think.

The Academic Index the AI Calculator should shed light on ‘how much’ the SAT counts. Although AI was developed for athletes, they calculate it for all students.

Do not miss these Kitchen Table Math comments, which add more insight, including one commenter whom discovered a (slightly old) College Board report that provides a wide range of details on the decision techniques used by many universities.


The first component is based in your SAT scores, the next part is according to your SA…


The Class of 2017 Moves In! Bike racks are all occupied. Lines are a bit that is little again to get food. Books are being bought. Tools are put away and summer construction has dwindled down (well, the majority of it). Cars filled with boxes of garments and school materials are increasingly being directed around campus to halls that are residential. Going carts, student ID cards, and last minute trips to Target; folks, its officially Move-In Day.
I was overwhelmed by the energy of the campus as I was walking the campus to take some pictures. Sometimes I forget that I work at a university campus filled with dreamers, innovators, and future leaders that are global. We found myself simply taking all of it in while smiling at pupils and parents I have never met before. ( It could have now been a little weird, but hey, I happened to be caught in a minute). Suddenly, I wished to travel back in its history, go back again to college and experience this all over again!
Yesterday morning, I saw the look of excitement and awe on the faces of first-year students as these people were entering their dorms for the very first time. Subsequently, we sensed an amount that is great of and a little bit of hesitation from moms and dads as they struggled to allow their kids go. It is apparent that this brief moment is just a milestone in all of their lives. Students look ahead to their next four years at USC and wonder at every one of the possibilities it could bring, while parents f…


Google Me Personally, Maybe? Whether you think social media marketing could be the downfall of the generation or perhaps you shmoop college paper writing services can not imagine residing without one, there is certainly no concern that it is now embedded in the lives of all high school and college pupils. So, how can you keep a social media profile that shows your character and lets you link with buddies but is also appropriate need someone whom doesn’t understand you stumble upon it?

If you ask me, the biggest problems with social media are tone and context. If I start to see the following Tweet,there are four different things We can assume.

1. You hate cats. In which case, 🙁

2. You like cats and also this really is sarcastic. The reality that is only choose to accept.

3. You’d an experience that is bad a cat today and they are very frustrated, irrespective of your general feelings about kitties. Here’s some free life advice that does not expire: Never post online when you are upset.

4. It is a joke that is inside has absolutely nothing in connection with kitties. By which case, this sounds like an exemplary thing to simply text/WhatsApp someone.

You, I have no way of knowing which of these it is if I don’t know. Kitties is obviously an example that is tame but change cats with an individual, a college, a concept etc. and you may observe it may cause security. You have actually no control over how someone interprets the information they find, and that means you need to control the informat…


The Waiting Game. The countdown to mailing last choices is on and I’m sure all our first-year applicants are wondering… what’s taking so long?! It takes a lot of manpower and hours to read 47,000 applications and we desire to give every application a review that is fair order to produce the amazing, well-rounded, diverse shmoop academic essay writer, and successful Class of 2017. Let me pull right back the curtain a little and show you why it takes us months that are many finish this process…

Since USC utilizes an approach that is holistic the admission procedure, we are committed to reading and re-reading every piece of the application. You understand those answer that is short you responded to? We read those. That task summary you completed? Yup, every activity is read by us, organization, and experience you listed on there. When I read a credit card applicatoin, I would like to reach understand you- your passions, your perspective, and a lot of of all, hear your voice come through. This technique takes some time thought once we try to comprehend how your academic performance, test ratings, composing, involvements, and recommendations get together to paint a fuller picture of who you really are as a student and a person.

The admission office might appear want it runs like a well-oiled machine on the outside—and it is—but it just operates as smoothly as it does through the usage of multiple checks and balances throughout the procedure. We contact students when a piece is bein…


We’ve Never Ever ‘Simply Known’ Anything. I am going to pop your bubble. Prepared? There is not any thing that is such your perfect college. We understand this goes against that which you may have been hearing since you began learning about university. I understand you most likely don’t think me personally, specially if you have fantasy school. You have been told that once you will find the best school you are going to get a sense and you also’ll just know, but i am right here to let you know that there is multiple university for you, where you are going to get a great education and have a experience that is memorable. Same thing applies to very first apartment, task or move to a city that is new. I do believe we do ourselves a disservice in trying to find just shmoop.pro one, solitary choice and ruling out the sleep rather than centering on our attitude and readiness to embrace something brand new.

It breaks my heart when We hear student state they were not admitted to their dream school and are not excited about any of the other options. That you are applying to as you go through the college process, do not put on blinders to any school. Most probably to the fact that sometimes life throws you a curveball and also you may become somewhere you don’t expect, but that does not mean it can not function as the right place for you. You result in the most readily useful decision you can with the info you have and move forward confident you made the right choice.

Whenever we w…