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In dreams, I’ve been french-kissed by sardonic newswoman Linda Ellerbee

I don’t understand what this all means. An integral part of me personally simply really wants to get back to old trusty Lynda Carter/Wonder lady and Julie Newmarr/Catwoman dreams before we end up in a threeway with Florence Henderson and F. Murray Abraham.

Ugh, totally. It had been James Gandolfini, through the run of “The Sopranos,” and I thought he had been actually sexy, and I also dreamt that he (as Tony, i do believe?) propositioned me personally for the reason that workplace (ended up being it at a vehicle spot?) and I stated no, because I experienced a boyfriend. Therefore, clearly, once I woke up I became actually angry throughout the day, because i really could have experienced dream-sex with Tony Soprano in place of being dream-faithful for some guy we most likely couldn’t pick away from a authorities lineup now. No! from the, I became dating this guy, redacted, in which he had been a complete great deal of enjoyable. Nevertheless, must have dream-cheated with Tony Soprano, however. It had been before he killed Adriana.

Last thirty days we dreamed I became in a long-lasting relationship with Deepak Chopra


We’d a battle, those types of fights that are stupid can’t also keep in mind just what started it, after which we made and apologized, after which had intercourse. It had been your standard base-running series, absolutely nothing too advanced level….