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Exactly about The purchase of agricultural land in Ukraine

A draft bill aimed at removing a moratorium on selling agricultural land in November, the Ukrainian parliament adopted in its first reading. This might be presently a hot subject in Ukraine. Our Project Manager Nataliya Sjovoll, consequently, asked Dmytro Lyvch from EasyBusiness, that has been earnestly working together with this matter, why it is necessary for Ukraine to permit the purchase of agricultural land, and just just what international investors should know about.

1. Aside from the financial freedom to transgenderdate landowners, can you mention three major causes why it’s important for Ukraine allowing the purchase of agricultural land?

“Starting through the great things about farming market reform in Ukraine. First it’s the financial impact it can bring to the Ukrainian economy. Relating to our latest research in 2019, land reform in Ukraine brings one more 85 billion USD of total GDP development in the second a decade after opening of a liberalized market. It indicates that the agriculture price shall develop five times after a decade, the rent prices will develop also, additionally the income of Ukrainian landowners and citizens generally speaking will develop when you look at the amount of the second ten years following the land market reform. Finding its way back to another advantages of the land market reform its international recognition of Ukraine. Because Ukraine is just one of the lowest nations in index of financial freedom and a land market reform is among the major causes why we lies behind the countries that are developed. Ukraine continues to be the only democratic nation with no land market after all. Therefore, the land market reform in Ukraine may bring an effect that is positive financial development and worldwide recognition of Ukraine as well”….