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No body understands precisely how kissing came to exist, whether it had been instinctive or behavior that is learned yet its impact is difficult to overstate.

From greetings to shows of love, signing papers (seal having a kiss) and wedding pronouncements, New Year’s parties and spiritual traditions, kissing has been section of many countries for the longest time. And few illustrated the significance of this act that is affectionate as compared to Russians in their kissing rituals.

The Terrible, women used to be kept indoors, sheltered from interactions with strangers at the time of Ivan. The only exceptions permitted had been with buddies and respected visitors within a kissing ceremony. This rite often suggested that the host’s partner would sip wine from the goblet, bow, and then pass it to the visitor. The latter was invited to kiss the wife on the lips, which was considered to be a great honor on special occasions.

Konstantin Makovsky – The Kissing Ceremony (1895), oil on canvas | zoom in right right here

You can observe just just just how this kind of intimate setup would are fertile ground for jealousies and infatuations….